Friday, 5 December 2014

15+ awesome text effects using photoshop

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In this handpicked collection of tutorials, you gonna learn more about text effects and easy methods in manipulating all latest typography techniques.All the the fonts and textures used in these tutorials are free and easy to access and learn.
you will be using lot of Photoshop and bit of illustrator here and there. a fantastic opportunity to learn both of these nice software .learn advanced techniques in lighting adjustments, color balancing and sharpness makes. lets go further and learn something today.

Create chalkboard effect using Illustrator 

In this tutorial you will be using the all new pen tool introduced in Adobe Illustrator cc 2014.  Using this tool you will be learning how to create chalkboard effect in few simple steps.

Inflated 3D text effect using Photoshop CC 2014

Here you will be introduced to 3D photoshop manipulation and way of creating metallic looks in detail. follow these simple steps carefully and i'm sure you will be learning a lot. with surface properties we can easily create metallic stuffs just like that, please do learn..

Create 3D snow effect with cinema 4d and Photoshop:

Create 3D text on flame effect

using crack textures and 3D tools we gonna create text on flame effect with fantastic background will be working a lot on layers , blends filters and various other simple tools to create this fascinating text effect.

Strawberry fruit pie effect using photoshop

In this tutorial we will be using strawberry pie texture to create this effect. we gonna do lot more on typography basics and few more blends here and there. the author wants to use strawberry pie texture and you can use your own textures if you will.

Create glitter glue like text effect using photoshop

With adobe photoshop filters the author wants to teach you how to create your own textures just like that. with layer effects and blends, you gonna learn some simple ways for creating this glitter effect.

Create Awesome sparkling effect

with simple layers and blend effects you will be learning to create sparkling glassy texts and shining backgrounds in few simple steps.

Create cool soccer themed text effect

As usual you will be learning simple layers,brushes and couple of textures to create this cool effect..

Create and learn evalutionary 3D effect

Int his tutorial you gonna learn how to do tweak things in photoshop until we acheive what we want, here the author will teach you in creating 3d texts and their placement as per our imagination.

Create 3D layered text effects using latest cc 2014

In this tutorial the author wants to teach you more about handling shapes and 3d settings to create this fantastic effect easily and quickly.

Create strawberry like text effect

while customizing typography effects, you should know more about using custom brushes and appearance panel as per your requirement.

Create foggy text on a glass effect

you will be trying to create text effect that wouldn't have tried before.try it and i am sure you will be writing you name like this just like that.

Create organic smoke and blood effect in few simple steps:

Create metallic text effects using photoshop

Create donut textures and texts just like that:

Create Ink text effects just like that

you will be doing a lot of tweaking in fonts and colors here and there. In this tutorial we are gonna learn how to create natural ink effects easily.

Create Gold membership card using photoshop

In this tutorial you will be learning how to create glossy effect and snake pattern effects with other decorative to create such an wonderful effect just like that.

Create smoke effect in few simple steps using smudge tools:

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

25+ top photoshop tutorials of 2014 - enhance your self potraits

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everyday a fantastic Photoshop tutorial is being released all over the net, but the problem is that most of these tutorials are hard to find. in this article, i have found such fantastic and awesome tutorials to convert your ordinary and simple portraits into a fantastic and awesome one in no time.with these tutorials you can enhance your Photoshop skills just like that .

these tutorials are so simple and putted in an easy way to learn . use these techniques to manipulate your skills,

Create money image using photoshop:

in this tutorial learn to use shading and toning to create this stunning image.

create image with pen tool:

create an awesome fire effect with simple steps

In this 4-designer special, you gonna learn about creating a fire effect just like that with an extremely easy steps to follow..

abc blogger flame effect

Create water colour effect in photoshop effect:

quickly convert a simple posture into classical water color painting using simple photoshop techniques.the best tutorial to learn water color strokes from scratch.

Create photoshop image with abstract elements:

in this tutorial you gonna learn more about using abstract elements and creating image with lot more emotions and fantasy..

create a fashionable mixed portrait , just like that.

in this tutorial you will learn more about using shapes and patterns to create extremely awesome image.

Create a leafy face image

in this tutorial you gonna learn simple techniques in layer blending, masking, filters and some abstracts to create blended portraits ..

create wolverine like movie poster :

in this tutorial you will learn to make high quality movie poster with simple steps.

create poly abstract images using adobe illustrator and photoshop:

in this digitalartsonline tutorial, you will learn more about using low poly shapes and migration of illustrator with photoshop to create more awesome images. 

create a fantasy flaming effect :

using textures and blends to create a fantastic flaming effect .

master lighting effects using simple techniques:

without overdoing anything, you gonna learn about using gradient and blending modes in creating this awesome image.

Create comic book effect :

another creative way to potrait your self image in classic comic effect in no time with simple seven steps.

create thinker photo image:

using simple abstract lines and blends you will learn to create image like this..

Magic Christmas. Fairy night with the crescent above the clouds Photoshop tutorial

Create a digital poster:

in this tutorial you gonna learn about creating a mind blowing digital image with tools easy to find and use.

Create Amazing Dispersion Effect :

Creating Double Exposure Photographs :

create statue with 3D  Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Turn your Image into a Color Mixture Photo with simple steps:

How to create a Death Angel Design  :

create a Surreal Digital Art in Photoshop:

How to Create a Vintage Collage Design using CS5:

Create Unique Effect with Abstract Brushes and Coloring Techniques :

create a motion digital art just like that:

design a magazine cover with Pantone colours and spot varnishes:


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Friday, 12 April 2013

11 possible things that can kill your blogger blog

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As like any other thing Google's growth via Blogger is astonishing, its the best platform for people who wants to start a blog without spending a cent . Once you get you hands on an adsense account, you can actually make money with out any investment. But like any other Google's product blogger blogs do have few drawbacks which you would have learned it by now. The Big G had already did various alteration in Blogger and they have hardened few standards.

They are not supporting adult blogs [you know what!] as they use to do, they have updated lot of features that needs little effort to understand before we lay our hands all over it. There is no special plugins like the wordpress people have, stupid xml template system with furious limitations. Along with these , now they have 11 reasons to kill your blog just like that.

If you go to this page blogger help forum , you can see thousands of bloggers crying about their blog getting deleted. Lot of so called experts will make their own suggestions and ideas here. If you face the problem, take a look.

Why do the delete/remove a blog?

Its very simple, Google's blogger do have certain restrictions in form of policy and if you violate, then you get nailed, no matter how much effort you did on that blog.This is the link to blogger's content policy page, you can take a look if you want to know much about it.

11 things to watch out :

Adult content :

Google doesn't want people to make money on adult contents, if you want to continue, then you must mention the blog as adult content blog in your setting so that blogger can warn people who enters the site. Since google wants to encourage positive experience for users and visitors, they don't want you to use nude pictures and videos or anything that is not for all audience. Please don't encourage incest or bestiality, keep it clean.

Child Safety :

They want all the blogs to be safe for children, they don't want to see a content that exploits children.
Child Pornography is not tolerated whatsoever, not only that they will delete your Google account , they will complain to respective legal authorities about your blog and you will find yourself behind the bars for good.

Hate Speech:

Everyday i happen to thousands and thousands of such comments in several videos i watch in you tube, though they are not doing anything about Google wants it's blogger users to keep it clean. Any speech against or supporting controversy issues will be put under scan. Do not write anything that encourages very bad things like, talking bad about certain race, religions , countries, etc.

Crude Content :

Never post images or videos those are graphically shocking. I have seen blogs with videos and images like people shooting others, beheading, gang rapes , public molestation, etc. please don't post these disgusting things as they violate the policy right away.

Violence :

Don't write any content that supports or encourages violence in any way. Posts like threatening others , death threats are not encouraged. Don't write articles that encourages gang violence .

Copyrighted materials :

Google is seriously working against this violation in policy, there are like thousand blogs that copy pastes others material just like that and sucking all the traffic. If you are posting anything like this , seriously dude, you are in trouble. Recently The new algorithm reduces rank/traffic to copied contents and if you continue to do the same, your all google account will be terminated.

Personal and confidential information:

Please don't post anyones personal materials like pictures, videos, address, phone numbers etc, without their permission. if they find out or someone complains about it, you will be sent to jail or your blog will be deleted[if not taken seriously]. One more thing is that if the information you are publishing is already been published in another blog or site, then this is not a violation.


Please don't pretend to be someone else, never confuse your readers with false author name or pictures, if complained your blog will be killed. I have seen a blog carrying stolen articles under the name matt cutt bearing his picture !

Illegal activities:

contents like address to nearby drug supplier [trust me, i have seen posts like these], prostitutes etc is not encouraged. Don't write articles that encourages anything criminal or illegal.


Please don't write spammy articles or comments, Google is having several algorithms that can smell a spammy blog or spammers a mile away. If you find spammy comments delete or put it in spam, don't publish it, since they want to keep the blogger clean, your content  will be removed or the whole blog will be killed.

Malware and viruses:

Don't post links are contents that transmits viruses, don't use infected js files in themes or templates. If you find your blog is infected , clean it ASAP and save your blogger blog.


Please write articles that is clean and decent, stop writing blogs carrying porn activities and stop blogging pirated contents. Since Google wants to keep the users experience positive , they will go to any extreme end and will take any extreme decision to maintain their reputation. Everyday they are deleting several blogs , mostly they get to know such blogs by users complain. if you find any blog that violates all the above please report. Thank you.   
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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

protect your adsense account from invalid clicks - video tips

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If you are a person who runs blog or website for money, Google's contribution in adsense is that they pay well for people like us who gets paid to publish ads. Here rises the biggest problem of all which is nothing less than a nightmare to Google and its brothers and sisters.
advertisement world would have been well known to you. Actually we know that G's adsense gets money to publish ads on your website from advertisers and pays you certain amount as commission. But the problem with

As they pay well for each and every clicks, some naughty and cunning thieves wants to make much more money out of it , which is not certainly legal. The trust between Google and its advertisers are in stake as these problems evolves each and everyday. The Big G is scratching its head each day to resolve such situation and these frauds are also working equally.

so , How do they do it ?

1. If you google, you can find few "so-called" companies charges you about 5$ to click ads in your site for the whole month.
2. There are like thousand facebook page in which bloggers like these makes friends with other bloggers like him/her who wants to make money in adsense and asking each other to click ads.
3. there are few scripts being sold in the dark market that clicks ads automatically with different ip's and timings.
and much more..

seriously, if you are in Google's position you will be scratching your head to death. They do have few tricks in their bag to save the day, that involves a highly trained technical nerds along with few powerful scripts and algorithms that can smell a fraud click/invalid click in a second. And still this is not our problem, because we are genuine and decent publishers who don't want to steal anyone's money.

Then what is the need of this article ?

Since they have a way to detect problem but that particular way do have a problem. These tools are not smart enough and just like any other tool they do have a flaws. Sometimes Google has to deny a decent click reliving that they came from bad network or the same IP address or bad traffic. This could be much worse, some times people who are jealous in your growth will click your ads so that you may get banned or your account will be terminated permanently.

To avoid these problems The team has a made few changes in their approach that may help you, here is a video presentation based on this issue..

Google will see your history before terminating:

Not a year ago, they use to terminate such account blind folded when they find your account is being used illegal. But now Google will go through your past records and activities including what you search for to verify whether this happened accidentally or wantedly. So instead of terminating your account they will suspend you, giving a chance to prove yourself as innocent, if so.

Continuous reports on notorious activity :

Google will be in touch with you every time when they find something so wrong with your account, They will provide you with all the details you required to explain yourself or resolve the problem. So always check your inbox for emails from adsense.

Getting a second chance : 

Since they just suspend your account, there is still hope for you to activate your account if there is a problem or if you got suspended for something you haven't done. There is a form in your adsense account to file a reconsideration request along with what went wrong and how you are not involved in this issue. If you do have a problem in filing a reconsideration request, i want you to read this article.

Conclusion :

even though we are aware of that Google don't like click frauds , sometimes we do get intimidated, but please don't . There are like thousand scripts , websites and facebook pages out there trying to help you in getting your account suspended, don't fall for it. Being patient is the main ingredient in this, so be patient and polite about this and protect your account. Complain google if you find anything suspicious. React quickly to google's complain about your account. Thank you..
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Monday, 8 April 2013

PPC advertising - A simple introduction

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so, how can i explain ppc ?. i can keep it simple or complicated as per your
requirement but the problem with me is that i want to keep everything simple . Maybe that's the reason why i get plenty of traffic these days.

PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising

To keep it simple, Every search engines these days keeps a free space in their SERP pages either in the right or left or in the top of search results that is generated by search engines as per keywords used . That particular space is for business people or individuals who are ready to pay to list their website or advertisement along with search results .

In this image you can see Google had listed these payed ads in the form of sponsored result along with natural and non-payed results.

so, how its done?

normally these ad space is sold in auction. the chances of being in the top relies on the most bid you do, still there is a another factor called "quality score " that will influence your rank in sponsored result .

Let me explain ppc with an example , consider your key word is "blogger" and your auction starts with few or more fellow bidders depending on the keyword you choose. The auction will go like any other auctions and say you have won and end up in an agreement to pay $.20 for every click you get.

if hundred people click your website in sponsored result and enters your website , then you have to pay $20 . so the amount you have to depends on the clicks you get , i hope that explains payper click .

Advantages of payper click advertising

  1. ppc can help you in targeting certain level of audiences . you can target them by geo location , time and even user segments.
  2. ppc can help you in measuring your ads performance . with this you can see which ad worked and which didn't, so that you can refine it for better chances .
  3. this will help you, your business and website visible to all searchers searching for your niche  or keyword .
  4. no matter whether your campaign is small or big, you will get good result quickly and cleanly as you want it to be.
  5. the more money you spend the more visibility you get. since ppc allows you to choose time,location and many other factors to target, the wastage will be very low. 

like any other PPC do have draw backs, but this will happen only when you haven't planned well. ok, let us see
for first timers ppc is quite a confusing process . you should know what you want and what are the features available for you to use.
if you want a company to Do the PPC stuff for you, make sure that everything goes under plan and they are not pulling anything from your pocket.
if you failed to get a desired result , this will affect your pocket and you would lose lot of money.

other than these disadvantages ppc had improved a lot these days and thousands of business and websites are getting benefited each hour beyond your imagination.

this indeed a very powerful method to improve visibility but the problem is that they tend to backfire on you when not planned properly. Experimentation is another factor that you must consider in this method because this will improve your success rate with low cost.

Remember there is no such thing like secret formula for success in online marketing . spend time in analyzing and experimenting , this will help when you want to do it all by on your own.
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Friday, 1 March 2013

Adsense ads below readmore - for jumbbreak users

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I use adsense ads in all of my blogs like i am do in, using ads in between posts and sidebar seems to be more productive, but this time i want to share yet another productive method that is far better than the Google's method itself. I am talking about adding adsense ads below readmore>> link of each post. If you are using jump break option in Blogger post editor then this widget will be more useful, since the code is designed to hangout with <!--more--> tag of jump break.

so how it can be done ?

if you are not using jscript readmore in your blogger blog , Go ahead and continue with this tutorial

  1.   Go to Blogger >> Template >>
  2.  Save your template, before you do something.
  3.  Edit HTML >> check expand widgets
  4.  search for </head>, and paste this code right above it.
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

     5.  Now, either above </body> or </head> or below <head>, paste this code
<script type='text/javascript'>



If you prefer to display ads below readmore>> andEnd of the post then remove 5th line of the above code.

     6.  Now , search for this code
     7.  below it paste this code..
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div id='ww-google-ad'>
ADD ENCODED ADSENSE CODE use 5links unit or 480 x 60 for more profit</center>
     8.  Before pasting the adsense code, dont forget to encode/parse them, search Google by parse adsense code, i am sure you will find a page, i am working on creating a parse tool on my own.

The real author for this tutorial is unknown so i can't claim this tutorial or i cant put anyone's name under author. As far as i know the person who coded this is Ahmad Nazir of MBT.  
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Saturday, 23 February 2013

How To Use Search Queries in Webmaster Tools – Google’s Video

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We are all aware of Google webmaster tools and the reason the reason why Google wants all the webmasters to embed their site with GMT. The features of the GMT is so helpful and powerful that can assist you in many ways and can help you in bringing your blog or site to the top or atleast to a reasonable position in search engine result pages. The tools like Url parameters , disavowing and lot other fantastic features are explained in these articles

We haven’t discussed anything about search queries feature provided by GMT, so I thought it would be better if I can share certain things that can help you in improving your sites performance in Google search.

Google’s View about “SEARCH QUERIES”Crawling, indexing and Ranking is the three important and obviously the only three things a search engine do with your website and final phase is generating results. So the Search Queries option in GMT gives you all the information about Google Web search queries that have returned from your site.

I hope the video explained about everything about “search queries” , Lets try to understand few more things.

Search Queries Data in GMT :How to view Search Queries

1 : Go to Webmaster tools >> sign in or sign up >> Add your website if not added already, Else click your site
2 : On the left menu you can see the "Traffic" and Then click "Search Queries"

Data Included in top Queries tab

Queries : The total number of search queries that had returned pages from your site at the given period of time.

Impressions : It denotes the number of times your site appeared in search results based on the queries along with the percentage in decrease / increase in the daily average comparison.

Clicks : Once your site is displayed in search result page, the number of times a user clicked your link for a query is given here.

CTR : so called ClickThrough Rate denotes the percentage of impressions that resulted in click , so if the impressions is high and clickthrough rate (CTR) is low, then you have to work a lot in your search engine optimization.

Average Position : It’s the average of the position of your site in search results compared with previous result or calculation.

The Top Pages tab has the same data table as the queries , the only difference is that the calculations is based on pages of your sites.


Understanding your audience is a key thing while trying to earn money from blogging, this tool exactly provides you a helping hand in this issue. Check your top performing query and low ones, start optimizing low performing ones so that you can get more traffic out of it. As I said before, if your impression is more and CTR is less you need to concentrate in SEO. Just like top queries, top pages should give you all the informations about your pages, make use of it too.

Now you have all the data related tour sites performance based on queries and also you now posses the knowledge on how to interpret them. Make use of these data and Graph to tweak your sites performance. I hope this article had helped you a bit, if so please don’t forget to share.
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Monday, 11 February 2013

Custom Robots Tags: Settings Inside Post Editor

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Blogger introduced custom robot header tags almost an year ago, the reason why i chose to write about this now , is that most of the newbie bloggers using doesn't know about this. By enabling the custom robot tags we have the power to noindex text and images along with other important tags like "no archive ", "no follow" etc.  "  You can enable this feature under search preference option in settings.

Settings >> search Preferences >> Enable custom robots header tags

once you have enabled this option, you can see them in your post editor allowing you to choice how Bots can crawl your post.

Once enabling this option, you can check these check boxes as shown above to enable few features, lets try to understand the options.
  1. All : Don't restrict any indexing or serving, this is the default option for homepage,archive and search pages.
  2. noindex : Don't index or show this page in the search result and cached links in search results.
  3. nofollow : Don't follow any links in this page or article.
  4. none : This is similar to noindex or nofollow .
  5. noarchive : Don't archive it or show cached links in search pages.
  6. nosnippet : Don't show snippets in search engine result page.
  7. noodp : Don't use metatags from any open Directory Projects for titles and snippets from them.
  8. notranslate : Don't allow translate or options like that in search engine results
  9. noimageindex : Don't  index image in this page.
  10. unavailable_after : Don't show this page in search results after specified date and time, since we have to mention this on our own, you must specify date RFC 850 format Example : 12 FEB 2013 10:15:00 PST

Why should we consider using "Noindex" and "Nofollow"?

Google's panda and penguin strongly suggest you to use no index if you are copying or if you have to copy someones article , as you know "noindex" will make Gbot to stop indexing this article and makes your page invisible for search engines, by this you avoid penalty.

Nofollow can be used in the situation where you are trying to link to some external links that are low ranking one or not related to your article, by using this tag, you prevent GoogleBot from following the link or crawling the link to avoid penalty.

Using Noimageindex and Notranslate :using "Noimageindex" will prevent Gbot from indexing your image, for example, if you are running a blog for personal needs like sharing images to your family members and no one else,  now your images will not be shared by search engines and images search engines.

Notranslate works similar to this, if you want you website or page to be viewed and understood by people with specific language , you can use this option.

Using nosnippet and noarchive:

In search engine result page [SERP] you can see that Google presents all the result with title, url and description as snippet. if you don't want this type of result in when displaying your page, using this option will be good idea.

similarly Using "noarchive", the search engines wont archive your page [i,e] saving your website or page in cache.

Why can't i see the Flags in view-source ?

Normally these flags are stored in the HTTP header fields that is not viewable in source page, to view this you can make use of Firefox's or Chrome's built in tools.

  • in Firefox >> web developer >> web console >> NET
  • in Chrome >> Tools >> Developer Tools >> Networks
  • There you can see the url of your page, once selected
  • you can see the two sections in the sidebar , one request header and response header
  • Under the response header, you can see some thing like => X-Robots-Tags :all,noodp,noimageindex or the flags you used.
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